New UMS R&D Plan and Grand Challenges

See below for a message from Chancellor Dan Malloy about the UMS R&D Plan and Grand Challenges.

今年早些时候,缅因州总裁琼菲利尼 - 瑟曼的大学领导的一个多年计划的发展,为整个系统扩大研发和交付的计划缅因州系统董事会的大学。该 UMS R&D Plan provides a roadmap for research and development at the state’s public universities to promote industry, business, and community growth in Maine. Long-term outcomes of the UMS R&D plan include attracting new people and financial resources to the state, addressing the current and future workforce needs of Maine, and elevating R&D activities across the System. These outcomes are very much in line with the 经济发展缅因州战略规划的状态 过程将要完成今年秋天。我曾在全州说的快感 战略性解决方案峰会 从奥罗诺网站上周和缅因州的公立大学作为在努力改善缅因州的未来州长办公室的主要合作伙伴国家的经济发展规划。
The UMS R&D Plan recommends that the System launch a series of grand challenges over the next decade as a central part of the plan’s implementation. Grand challenges are problems of global, national, and regional significance that require interdisciplinary teams to work together to develop and implement innovative solutions. Such initiatives are ambitious in scope, long-term in scale, and convergent in design. 研究 universities across the country are engaging in grand challenges focusing their research, education, and outreach efforts to promote discovery, develop the workforce, and engage the public in solving intractable societal problems.
I’m pleased to announce that we are launching a Grand Challenge Pilot Initiative to get things started with the R&D Plan implementation. UMS faculty/staff/students 被邀请递交 概念文件寻址“农村卫生和福利”的主题。请花一些时间来审查 计划公布 for full details about the competition. This concept paper process is a wonderful opportunity for colleagues from UMS campuses to work together to develop forward thinking R&D approaches to solving important issues for the state of Maine.